Hello, my name's Cris.


A digital product designer with over 10 years of experience and a passion for making the world better one pixel at a time.

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About me

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, I am a product design manager at OpenTable, the world's leading provider of online restaurant reservations. I lead a team of global designers who are focused on creating growth-oriented solutions through partnerships with marketing, business strategy, engineering and product teams.

I am passionate about equity and justice, and I apply this lens to my design philosophy and practice. I aim to create harmony between humans and machines, and to design products that are accessible, inclusive, and delightful. As an expert in Figma and UX, I have worked on some robust and complex B2B SaaS platforms, delivering user-centered and data-driven outcomes.

Quick facts
🌴 Lives in Los Angeles CA
🏠 Raised in Baltimore MD
🇵🇭 1st generation Filipino American
🏫 Graduated from MICA
🖌 10+ years in the Product Design field
👨🏻 he/him/his
Hobbies etc.
🥪️ Former restauranteur
⛺️ Camping, Hiking, Surfing
🎨 Illustration
🤝 Volunteer for Big Brother


Feb 2023 — Present
Design Manager
Feb 2022 — Feb 2023
Lead Product Designer
Apr 2021 — Feb 2022
Senior Product Designer
May 2019 — Apr 2021
Senior UX Designer
I can help you with..
Product Design
Design Thinking
Growth Design
B2B SaaS Design
Design Systems
Design Sprints
Data Analysis
Motion Design
Service Design
UI/UX Design
Journey Mapping
Customer Personas
AI Design
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How I Design

Design Values

My core values play a huge role in how I approach any problem big or small: having an empathy for our users, being vulnerable with one another, and achieving a state of essentialism.

Double Diamond

I follow a combination of iterative design sprint and double diamond methodologies with my team. We work hand in hand with product and engineering to scope, research, explore and measure our solutions.


I believe in the power of transformative leadership to drive impact. Having built high performant international teams, I know the best  results come when all stakeholders are bought in to a shared vision.